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Fun Factory

I got home from work last night and was delighted to discover that my most recent toy purchase had arrived!  I washed it and plugged it in to charge  right away (my first rechargeable battery vibe!).

We had already planned on having a date night – so we cuddled up with a pizza and a bottle of red while we watched a movie (and the vibe ran through it’s initial 3 hour charge time). I was snuggled in front of him – my back to his belly.  Wolf had his arms wrapped around me.  Both hands were caressing and teasing my breasts and nipples through the very light and flimsy tank top I had changed in to.  He kept his touch (mostly) light – and he kept at it the entire time.  It was torture.  Really awesome torture – but still torture.  My nipples were ready for some harder play and my whole body was aching for him by the time we headed upstairs.

The night before was our first night back at it after about a two week period of forced abstinence.  It was beautiful.  It was sweet and tame.  It was nice to become reacquainted with his body.  And now I was ready for some hard play.  He was too.

Wolf threw me down on the bed.  My hands were placed on the metal bars of the headboard.  He slapped me hard across the cheek.  He pulled the sheer fabric of the tank tight across my tits and bit my nipples through the fabric.  I arched my back – trying to get my body closer to him.  Closer to his mouth.  He pushed me back down and yanked up the tank so that it went over my face and covered my eyes.  Both his hands began to slap my breasts.  Repeatedly.  My hands gripped the headboard tighter when he alternated the slaps with hard twists to my nipples.

I was groaning with that delicious combination of agony and ecstasy – and could feel the heat rising from my chest.  If I could see them – I knew my breasts would be bright pink.

My pants were pulled off and my legs were spread apart with the knees bent.  He gave my pussy a few slaps before smothering it with kisses.  His fingers rolled my nipples while his tongue probed my slit and circled my clit.  My nipples were really tender and my clit fully engorged and I came almost instantly from the mixed sensations.

Wolf yanked the tank top off and fed me a sip of water.

He straddled my face and fed his cock down my throat.  He braced himself on the headboard and fucked my mouth.  His cock was pushed in and out past my lips and over my tongue.  He slapped my cheek again, making my eyes water.  He grunted and thrust himself further into me – and I gagged on his stiff cock but still managed to swallow down all of his come.

Wolf picked up the new vibe and slid it easily in my soaked pussy.  It is curved in a way so that he can fuck me with it and I feel the vibrations all over.  Buzzing inside as it presses on the wall of my cunt, and buzzing as he rubs the outer part against my clit.  This was a very good purchase!

He rocked it in and out of my pussy with one hand, and gripped my throat with the other.  I was soaking the sheets with sweat and the river of fluid running out of my pussy.  My body shook and I screamed as I came –  gasping for air.

I released my grip from the headboard and he flipped me over on to my stomach.  He adjusted my body so that my ass was up in the air and my face was planted on the bed.   He pressed my face down in the sheets with his left hand and spanked me good and hard with his right.  House guests and then illness prevented us from having sex for a couple of weeks.  It also kept him from spanking me.  My ass was baby-tender.  I thought he would ease me back  nto it.  But that isn’t his style.  He spanked me hard.  And he didn’t stop until my whole body was shaking.

And then he gripped my cheeks and spread them apart and began eating my ass.   He picked the vibrator back up – cranked it up to top speed – and returned it to my pussy.  The sensation of his tongue in my ass, the vibrator filling up and buzzing inside my pussy,  and the pain lingering from the spanking was too much – and again I screamed and shook as I came.

My rag-doll limp body was flipped back over again so that I was facing him.

He was hard again and rammed his cock in my slit.  He told me to hold the vibrator against my clit.  He used one hand to hold on to a leg, and the other hand latched on to a nipple.

Convulsions rocked my body as I came for a third time.  He continued pounding me and squeezed my nipple even harder.  Another orgasm rolled out of my body.  He quickened the pace and the strength and fucked me even harder.  I was screaming as he exploded inside me.

We both quickly fell asleep.  I woke up during the night with the vibe under my back.  This morning before I left for work I washed it and returned it to it’s charging cradle.  He won’t be home until late tonight – and I plan on taking this wonderful new toy for a solo run.

(And maybe once he returns I will let him watch me as I do it again.)


A Night With His Family

I climbed out the shower all fresh and clean.  I was running a little late – but would be able to get ready on time if I didn’t slow down.  The holidays are here and we have been crazy busy.  We had a family party to go to last night.  I should have started getting ready earlier than I did – but – honestly – it isn’t a party that I cared to go to and I didn’t really care if we were going to be late.

I slid in to my favorite robe and rubbed oil across my skin.  I was putting makeup on when there was a knocking at the bathroom door.

Wolf quickly grabbed my wrists and wrenched my arms behind my back.  He spun me around and held my wrists together in one of his large hands.  He directed me out of the bathroom and in to the living room.

Keeping his grip on my wrists – and keeping my arms behind my back – he sat down in the middle of the couch and pulled me down across his knees.   It all happened so quickly that my mind was trying to catch up with what was happening.

My robe was pulled up and his free hand landed down squarely on the middle of my ass.  Repeatedly and rhythmically.  Again and again.  Slowly – but steadily.

He paused and told me that I was acting like a brat.  It didn’t matter that I wasn’t excited about the party.  It was his family’s holiday party and I was going to go.  And we would NOT be late.

His focus went back to my ass laying across his lap.  He told me to lay still.  He resumed his grip on my wrists and started spanking me some more.  Harder this time.

I was pulled up to my feet.  I was made to stand in front of him while he untied the belt of my robe.  The robe fell to the floor.  The silk strap of a belt was in his hands.

Turn around.  Bend over.  Hold your ankles.

I did as I was told.

He took the piece of silk and tied my hands to my ankles.

Bound.  Naked.  Exposed.

This position can be especially harsh for me.  That sensitive skin normally protected under the round of the cheek is spread taught and is right in the line of fire of Wolf’s hand.  He knows what he is doing.

He doesn’t waste time.  Immediately he begins.  And almost immediately I begin crying.  He wants it to hurt – and so it does.  He is hitting me hard.  He keeps one hand on the small of my back – both to help hold me in place, and to help with his aim.  I can feel the heat rising off of my ass.  My legs are shaking.  I feel like my knees will give out.  He continues to spank.

And when he decides he is done he stops.  But he doesn’t come and untie my hands.  I am still bent over.  Still exposed.  No hands to wipe my eyes and nose.  My face red from being bent over.  My ass red from his hands.

And then he stretches me even further open.  And he drags his tongue from my ass down to my pussy and back again.  He pushes his tongue into both openings.  He makes circles on my clit with his finger while he pokes his tongue in and out of my ass.

My pussy is like the amazon.  He stops before I come.

He sits back down on the couch.  I am bent over in front of him.  He pulls out his cock and jerks off.  I hear him come.

He takes his time getting up.

He unties the robe belt and frees my hands from my ankles.  He helps me stand up.

He steps back and tells me I really need to get ready now so that I don’t make him late to his parent’s house.

Ass well-spanked.  Pussy gushing.  Going to see his parents is the absolute last thing on my mind.

He looks amused as he watches me finish getting ready.

He stands behind me as I finish putting on my makeup and do my hair.  His fingers toy with my nipples.

He helps me decide what to wear.  A short skirt.  Bare legs.  A thin light gray shirt.  I don’t normally wear a bra.  But on some occasions – like spending time with his very conservative family – I do.  But he said no tonight.  No bra.  I somehow manage to get ready and we leave on time.  I wince as I sit down in the car.  My ass stings.   He laughs.

He tells me that he will enjoy watching me tonight.  How I will wince whenever I need to sit.  How he will find ways to tweak and tease my nipples so that they stay hard and poking out of the thin material of my shirt.  How he plans to keep me soaking wet and ready for him.

* * *

He did.  I could feel his eyes on me all night.  He would brush against me and his hand would quickly pinch my nipples.  He gave me a playful spank in front of his dad and brother.

He followed me into the garage where they kept the cooler of beverages.  He pulled out an ice-cube and ran it up my leg and under my skirt.  He pushed it against my panties and rubbed my clit with it.  The melting water mixed with the juices that had already been soaking through the small piece of lace.  His ice-cold fingers darted up under my shirt and latched on to my nipples.   He bent me over so that my forehead was resting on the cooler and he spanked me – not playfully this time – again.  He stopped before I started to cry – but it didn’t take much to bring me to that point.  I’m sure my ass was still red from the hard spanking just an hour or two ago.  He slid my panties down and off and stuffed them in his pocket.

I didn’t know how I would be able to go back in the house.  My nipples were standing straight out – and although my shirt wasn’t tight – the materiel was thin.  My face was red.  I was wearing a short skirt with no panties.  And I had to go inside and pretend nothing was going on.  It was torture.

I knew that he would be driving tonight – so when we got back inside I hit the bar.  I tried to stand as much as possible – but his brothers kept insisting that I sit down.  At one point one of them even pulled me over to sit next to him on the brick ledge of the fireplace.  Wolf almost laughed out loud!

It was several hours before we were able to leave.  I had tried to console myself and make the party bearable by having several drinks.  And his dad mixes very strong cocktails.

We had driven only about 3 blocks away from his parents house when Wolf pulled the car over to the side of the road.

We got out of the car.  It was pitch black and freezing cold.  He took off my coat and laid it on the hood of the car.  Then he lifted me up and sat me down on top of it.

I protested when he told me to lay back and spread my legs for him.  Anybody could drive by at any second!  Your FAMILY could drive by at any second!  He told me that he thought I would know better.  If I didn’t listen to him there would be consequences.

I laid back and opened up my legs.  My legs were bare.  He had already taken my panties.  He lifted up my shirt – exposing my nipples to him and the cold air.

He reached down and grabbed a handful of snow and rubbed it into my tits.  His hands worked the snow across my frozen nipples as he dove down between my legs.  His tongue lapped up the juices that had been flowing from me all afternoon.  I screamed and squeezed my legs tight around his head as I came on his face.  I was delirious.  (And nobody drove by while I was getting eaten out on the hood of the car – although I seriously doubt I would have been able to stop anyway…)

He helped me down from the hood and into my jacket and we drove home.

And when we got home – we quickly got naked and got to some good long and hard fucking.

I sucked his cock and stroked his balls.  I eagerly gulped down the cum he unloaded in my mouth.  I licked his cock clean.

He fucked my ass with a vibrator while he sucked on my clit.

He removed the vibrator and slid the metal plug in to my ass.  He gave me another spanking.  He would sometimes stop the spanking, slide the plug in and out a few times, and then push it in firmly before going back to the spanking.  My ass was already so tender – and he wasn’t spanking lightly.  It wasn’t long before I was shaking and whimpering.

His hands pinched, slapped, twisted and rolled my nipples.

He left the plug and in place and suctioned his lips on my clit. I screamed and moaned and shook and cried as I came again and again and again.

He removed the plug and replaced it with his cock.  He rammed his body into mine.  I bucked back on him – pushing it in further.  My ass was stretched tight around him.  He told me to hold the vibrator against my clit as he fucked me.  He held on tightly to my hips and fucked my ass.  My body rocked as I came again.  He shook and groaned as his balls emptied and his cock exploded in my ass.

It was the best holiday party I have been to…

The name game

I have struggled with my first few posts about what to call my man.  I refer to him on here as ‘my man’ and ‘my guy’.  And to me that just sounds….well, kind of dumb.   Ok, honestly, I do sometimes call him that.  But not very often.  I call him by his name.

I don’t feel comfortable using his real name here.  And I really don’t feel comfortable using a fake name.  These aren’t just stories I make up.  This is our life.  To use a different name when I write about how he eats my pussy would just feel strange.  This blog is a way for me to write about our life.  About the things we do.  About how we fuck.  This is my diary.

* * *

Sunday afternoon. . .  He was gone today and I was home alone.  I was missing him.  I went upstairs, grabbed one of my vibrators and came back down to the living room.  I peeled off my clothes and stretched myself out on the over-sized chair.  I was thinking about him as I slid the silicone slowly in and out of my cunt.  I was thinking about him as I turned on the vibrations with it deep inside of me.  I was thinking about him as I pulled it out – all slick and creamy – and pressed it on to my clit…as the other hand traced around my nipples.

I was thinking about how good he makes me feel when he fucks me.  I was thinking about all the different ways he has fucked me.

I gasped quietly as I came – thinking about my favorite…

: : :

He grabs my head and forcefully pushes it down on his cock.  His cock  his cum fill my mouth.

He pushes me down on elbows and knees with my forehead on the mattress – forcing my ass up in to the air.  He spanks me hard – and then he licks, sucks, kisses and bites my ass and pussy.  Then back to spanking me.  And then eating me.  Spanking me.  Eating me.  This goes on for what feels like forever.  I am covered in sweat.  My pussy is gushing like a river. I am delirious and aching for his cock.

He keeps me in position by pushing down on the back of my head  – then plows into my pussy from behind.  He slams his body into mine.  Fast.  Hard.  Rough.

He grabs my hair and yanks my head back.  He sinks his teeth into my neck.  Hard.  He bites me hard while he fucks me from behind.

He growls through his teeth onto my skin as he comes.

He fucks me like an animal.

He fucks me like a wolf.

* * *

He is Wolf.

A short visit with a friend

A friend of ours came over the other night.   We all hung out and chatted for awhile.  It wasn’t that late – but I was tired and had to get up extra early in the morning.  I kissed our friend on the cheek and headed up to bed.

The layout of our house is very open.  Our bedroom is upstairs – but there is no door.  The house is old and the wood floors are pretty squeaky.  If you are sitting in the living room you can hear almost any noise coming from the bedroom.

Upstairs I take off all my clothes except my panties.  I slip on one of my guy’s t-shirts and I crawl into bed.

I hear the guys talking downstairs.  And then I hear my man tell his friend he will be right back – he forgot to tell me something and has to run up to the bedroom for a quick minute.  Go ahead and grab another beer and I will be right back. I listen to the floors creak as he climbs up the stairs.

As soon as he gets over to the bed he grabs my hair and pulls my head back.  He licks my lips and then plunges his tongue down my throat.

I moan – and he tells me I need to be quiet.

The t-shirt is pulled up and my tits and belly exposed.  He flicks his tongue across my already erect nipples.  He kneads and squeezes my tits.

I arch my back and moan.  The bed creaks and he reminds me to be quiet.

He grabs the vibrator that I had laying next to me  and turns it on.  He quickly tugs my panties over to one side exposing my pussy and he presses the tip of it up against my swollen clit.  I am really trying to be quiet – but I gasp loudly when the vibrations hit me.

He slaps one of his large hands over my mouth as a gag and dials up the frequency on the vibrator. He holds it tighter and closer to my clit.  And holds it there . . . I can feel the vibrations pulse throughout my whole body – starting from my clit and exploding out everywhere.

The bed creaks as my body rocks from the orgasm.

But his tight grip across my face keeps me from making any sound. I am breathing heavy as he turns off the vibrator and pulls my panties back over my wet pussy. He tugs the t-shirt back down and gives me a kiss.

And the stairs creak under his weight as he heads back downstairs to hang out with his friend.

Dinner Party

Last night we had a dinner party.  It was for 10 people.  I cooked and cleaned all day.  Mostly cooked.  He did a bulk of the cleaning.  We like having friends over – and I love to cook.  So dinner parties are usually a good time over here.

Candles were lit.  Music was on.  Friends arrived.  Drinks were served.  Dinner was soon ready.  We all had a great time.

It was after 1:00AM when the last of the guests arrived.  I was slowly moving around the kitchen starting to clean things up.  I was tired from cooking all day.  And sleepy from a fair amount of whiskey and lots of laughs with our friends.  He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.  I sunk back into his embrace and closed my eyes.  I was feeling all cozy and content wrapped up in his strong arms.

Then he growled in my ear.  The dishes can wait.  Get up to the bedroom and get yourself ready for me.

Usually this means it is time for a punishment.  I was confused.  The night had seemed to go perfect.  But I know now better than to argue or question him when he gets that tone in his voice.  So I dropped the towel on the counter and headed to our bedroom.

Get ready for me.  That is what he said.  Since I wasn’t sure what I had done wrong I didn’t know what the punishment was going to be.  Plus – as I mentioned – I was nice and loopy from the whiskey – so I wasn’t able to think all that clearly.  I decided it was best to be prepared for whatever he had in mind.

I took off my clothes and put them away.  I put on a short nightgown that he likes.  I pulled out the toy-box and set it on his nightstand.  I dimmed the lights and turned on some music.  Then I sat on the edge of the bed and waited for him.

He came up shortly.  He looked at me approvingly – so I must have guessed right.

He walked up to me – slowly removing his belt as he did.  He kicked my legs apart and stood between them – looking me in the eye the whole time.  He looped his belt in half and gave me a few swats on the thighs.  I felt myself start to get wet.  A few more swats – harder this time.  Holding me in his gaze.  Soaking wet.

He told me to not move.  Then he disappeared into the closet.  He came out just wearing his boxers.

He scooped me up roughly in his arms and tossed me back on the bed.  He reached down and yanked off that little nighty that I was wearing. Never taking his eyes away from mine he reached into his box of tricks and pulled out the restraints.  Uh-oh.  What was going to happen that I would need the restraints?  I have gotten really disciplined about not pulling away from him.  I had been working a lot on that because I know he likes how I can take his punishments.  How I take them as if I was restrained – when really the only thing holding me there is my will.

I was quickly shackled and spread out on the bed.  The music was turned up louder.  He came up and sat by my head.  Holding me up as far as the restraints would allow – he poured some more whiskey down my throat.  And then he took a piece of silk and wrapped it around my eyes.  He kissed my forehead.

The bed shifted under his weight as he climbed up on top of me.  He was on all fours – hovering over my body.  He started kissing me hard and deep.  He sunk his teeth deep into my neck.  He came back up and poured more whisky into me.  My head was starting to spin.  He started lightly tracing my nipples with his fingers.  He pinched and twisted them – lightly and gently.  I moaned and arched my back trying to get them closer to him.  He alternated sucking on one and pinching and slapping the other – back and forth and back and forth.  I was lost in it.

This didn’t feel like a typical punishment.  And I still didn’t know what I could have done wrong.  The whiskey was swimming in my head.  I was tied down and blindfolded and the music was playing loudly.  All I could focus on were those strong hands of his and what they were doing to my hungry nipples.  I managed to squeak out a question.  He stopped and slid back up to me.

What did you say baby?  He reached down and pinched a nipple hard.

I moaned uncontrollably and repeated my question.  Please tell me what I did wrong, so that I know how to please you next time.  My only desire is to please you, I said.

He lifted up my head and slid more whiskey down my throat.

He lowered himself down close and whisper-growled in my ear.  Oh baby.  You were perfect.  Everything was perfect.  This isn’t punishment.  This is a reward for your good behavior.  You were a very good girl tonight.  You were my cook.  You were my maid.  Now you are going to be my whore.  My pussy gushed.

With that he slid back down to my aching breasts.  He pulled the nipples up in his teeth and slapped them across their sides.  He rolled the nipples around and around between this thick fingers.

He reached into the whiskey glass and pulled out an ice cube.  He held it in his teeth and traced his way down my belly.

He positioned his body in-between my spread eagle’d legs.  He took his fingers and pulled the lips slowly apart.  He rolled my clit around in his mouth.  He dragged his tongue from my slit back up to my clit and down again.  He sat on the ottoman at the end of the bed and slowly but methodically ate his way right through me.  I was moaning and screaming and panting with desire.  God.  He is so fucking good at this.  He let the lips fall back into place and moved his hands back up to my tits.  Rolling my nipples with his fingers and my clit with his tongue.  No wonder he tied me down.  I would have been on the ceiling if he hadn’t.  I needed to catch my breath.

He knows my body so well.  I guess that happens after being together for as long as we have.  He knew.  And he slowed down.  He came back up to the top of the bed.  Held my face as he kissed me and pushed his tongue into my mouth.  I tasted whiskey and my pussy.

He slapped my face hard and leaned down to growl again in my ear.  This is just a break.  I’m not done with you yet, my sweet little whore.  And don’t you dare come until I tell you it is time, okay?

Somehow I managed to agree.

He grabbed a pillow and slid it underneath my ass.  He re-arranged the leg tethers so that my knees were pulled up closer to me. This pushed my sex out closer to him.  I am pretty sure he had that in mind.

He bit my clit.  He slid a finger in and out of my cunt.  He licked my ass.

He went back to the toy-box and pulled out the container of coconut oil.  He dipped his fingers in it – then back in my ass – and over and over until my ass was just as wet as my poor cunt.  My body was aching for release.  Every nerve stood on end.

He grabbed the fat metal plug from the toy-box and pushed it steadily into my ass.


I felt like I was going to come – but I knew he didn’t want that .  I tried to concentrate on just breathing.

Back to my pussy.  My guy eats my pussy like crazy.  How can he possibly expect me to not come?  His tongue rolling my clit and a thick metal plug up my ass.  All while drunk and tethered to the bed…

He stopped eating my pussy and started twisting the plug around.  Spinning it around, pulling it out and sliding it back in.  I was shaking.  He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me.  He told me to ask him to fuck me.  Only when he was fucking me would he let me come.  My voice was shaky – but between moans (he was still fucking me with the butt plug) I begged him to fuck me.  Please, show me some mercy and fuck me.  Please, give me your cum.  Please empty your balls into my pussy.  Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, please!

With one last good twist he shoved the plug back firmly into my ass.  Oh god – he was going to leave that in!

He left me tied up and blindfolded as he climbed on top.  I felt his cock slide into my mouth.  I sucked on him until he was hard as a rock.  He slid back down and rammed his cock inside me.

Filled up with metal plug in my ass and a thick cock in my cunt.  Tied down so I couldn’t hardly move.  I was going out of my mind as he pounded in and out of me.  Over and over and over.  This man of mine can go and go and go.  And he did.  The pillow was still under my ass lifting me up to him.  So he hit my clit every time he slid into me.  I shook and sweat and screamed until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I asked him if I could please come now.  He didn’t answer right away – he was breathing hard now too – fucking me like there was no tomorrow.  Showing me no mercy with his greedy cock.

He finally said yes and I exploded all over him.  He fucked me while I came a second time.  Then he moved back up to my head and fucked my mouth until he came.  He knows how I love it when he feeds me his cock and then his cum.  I gobbled them both down like a hungry slut.

We laid there for awhile catching our breath.  He removed the blindfold.  Looking me in the eyes he told me how much he loved me, and told me again what a good girl I had been tonight.  I was his beautiful cook, maid and whore.

He got up and started loosening the tethers.  But he didn’t remove them completely.

I looked at him questioningly.

I’m not done with you yet, he said.  This is just another break.  I need to eat more of that fine pussy of yours and make sure you know how much I appreciate you.

Oh dear god.  I almost came again just from that.  I love how he eats me out.

He made me come six more times before he thought I had been rewarded enough.  He came another time in my mouth and also unloaded in my cunt.

He untied me and held me in his arms and we went to sleep as the sun rose on the new day.