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A Night With His Family

I climbed out the shower all fresh and clean.  I was running a little late – but would be able to get ready on time if I didn’t slow down.  The holidays are here and we have been crazy busy.  We had a family party to go to last night.  I should have started getting ready earlier than I did – but – honestly – it isn’t a party that I cared to go to and I didn’t really care if we were going to be late.

I slid in to my favorite robe and rubbed oil across my skin.  I was putting makeup on when there was a knocking at the bathroom door.

Wolf quickly grabbed my wrists and wrenched my arms behind my back.  He spun me around and held my wrists together in one of his large hands.  He directed me out of the bathroom and in to the living room.

Keeping his grip on my wrists – and keeping my arms behind my back – he sat down in the middle of the couch and pulled me down across his knees.   It all happened so quickly that my mind was trying to catch up with what was happening.

My robe was pulled up and his free hand landed down squarely on the middle of my ass.  Repeatedly and rhythmically.  Again and again.  Slowly – but steadily.

He paused and told me that I was acting like a brat.  It didn’t matter that I wasn’t excited about the party.  It was his family’s holiday party and I was going to go.  And we would NOT be late.

His focus went back to my ass laying across his lap.  He told me to lay still.  He resumed his grip on my wrists and started spanking me some more.  Harder this time.

I was pulled up to my feet.  I was made to stand in front of him while he untied the belt of my robe.  The robe fell to the floor.  The silk strap of a belt was in his hands.

Turn around.  Bend over.  Hold your ankles.

I did as I was told.

He took the piece of silk and tied my hands to my ankles.

Bound.  Naked.  Exposed.

This position can be especially harsh for me.  That sensitive skin normally protected under the round of the cheek is spread taught and is right in the line of fire of Wolf’s hand.  He knows what he is doing.

He doesn’t waste time.  Immediately he begins.  And almost immediately I begin crying.  He wants it to hurt – and so it does.  He is hitting me hard.  He keeps one hand on the small of my back – both to help hold me in place, and to help with his aim.  I can feel the heat rising off of my ass.  My legs are shaking.  I feel like my knees will give out.  He continues to spank.

And when he decides he is done he stops.  But he doesn’t come and untie my hands.  I am still bent over.  Still exposed.  No hands to wipe my eyes and nose.  My face red from being bent over.  My ass red from his hands.

And then he stretches me even further open.  And he drags his tongue from my ass down to my pussy and back again.  He pushes his tongue into both openings.  He makes circles on my clit with his finger while he pokes his tongue in and out of my ass.

My pussy is like the amazon.  He stops before I come.

He sits back down on the couch.  I am bent over in front of him.  He pulls out his cock and jerks off.  I hear him come.

He takes his time getting up.

He unties the robe belt and frees my hands from my ankles.  He helps me stand up.

He steps back and tells me I really need to get ready now so that I don’t make him late to his parent’s house.

Ass well-spanked.  Pussy gushing.  Going to see his parents is the absolute last thing on my mind.

He looks amused as he watches me finish getting ready.

He stands behind me as I finish putting on my makeup and do my hair.  His fingers toy with my nipples.

He helps me decide what to wear.  A short skirt.  Bare legs.  A thin light gray shirt.  I don’t normally wear a bra.  But on some occasions – like spending time with his very conservative family – I do.  But he said no tonight.  No bra.  I somehow manage to get ready and we leave on time.  I wince as I sit down in the car.  My ass stings.   He laughs.

He tells me that he will enjoy watching me tonight.  How I will wince whenever I need to sit.  How he will find ways to tweak and tease my nipples so that they stay hard and poking out of the thin material of my shirt.  How he plans to keep me soaking wet and ready for him.

* * *

He did.  I could feel his eyes on me all night.  He would brush against me and his hand would quickly pinch my nipples.  He gave me a playful spank in front of his dad and brother.

He followed me into the garage where they kept the cooler of beverages.  He pulled out an ice-cube and ran it up my leg and under my skirt.  He pushed it against my panties and rubbed my clit with it.  The melting water mixed with the juices that had already been soaking through the small piece of lace.  His ice-cold fingers darted up under my shirt and latched on to my nipples.   He bent me over so that my forehead was resting on the cooler and he spanked me – not playfully this time – again.  He stopped before I started to cry – but it didn’t take much to bring me to that point.  I’m sure my ass was still red from the hard spanking just an hour or two ago.  He slid my panties down and off and stuffed them in his pocket.

I didn’t know how I would be able to go back in the house.  My nipples were standing straight out – and although my shirt wasn’t tight – the materiel was thin.  My face was red.  I was wearing a short skirt with no panties.  And I had to go inside and pretend nothing was going on.  It was torture.

I knew that he would be driving tonight – so when we got back inside I hit the bar.  I tried to stand as much as possible – but his brothers kept insisting that I sit down.  At one point one of them even pulled me over to sit next to him on the brick ledge of the fireplace.  Wolf almost laughed out loud!

It was several hours before we were able to leave.  I had tried to console myself and make the party bearable by having several drinks.  And his dad mixes very strong cocktails.

We had driven only about 3 blocks away from his parents house when Wolf pulled the car over to the side of the road.

We got out of the car.  It was pitch black and freezing cold.  He took off my coat and laid it on the hood of the car.  Then he lifted me up and sat me down on top of it.

I protested when he told me to lay back and spread my legs for him.  Anybody could drive by at any second!  Your FAMILY could drive by at any second!  He told me that he thought I would know better.  If I didn’t listen to him there would be consequences.

I laid back and opened up my legs.  My legs were bare.  He had already taken my panties.  He lifted up my shirt – exposing my nipples to him and the cold air.

He reached down and grabbed a handful of snow and rubbed it into my tits.  His hands worked the snow across my frozen nipples as he dove down between my legs.  His tongue lapped up the juices that had been flowing from me all afternoon.  I screamed and squeezed my legs tight around his head as I came on his face.  I was delirious.  (And nobody drove by while I was getting eaten out on the hood of the car – although I seriously doubt I would have been able to stop anyway…)

He helped me down from the hood and into my jacket and we drove home.

And when we got home – we quickly got naked and got to some good long and hard fucking.

I sucked his cock and stroked his balls.  I eagerly gulped down the cum he unloaded in my mouth.  I licked his cock clean.

He fucked my ass with a vibrator while he sucked on my clit.

He removed the vibrator and slid the metal plug in to my ass.  He gave me another spanking.  He would sometimes stop the spanking, slide the plug in and out a few times, and then push it in firmly before going back to the spanking.  My ass was already so tender – and he wasn’t spanking lightly.  It wasn’t long before I was shaking and whimpering.

His hands pinched, slapped, twisted and rolled my nipples.

He left the plug and in place and suctioned his lips on my clit. I screamed and moaned and shook and cried as I came again and again and again.

He removed the plug and replaced it with his cock.  He rammed his body into mine.  I bucked back on him – pushing it in further.  My ass was stretched tight around him.  He told me to hold the vibrator against my clit as he fucked me.  He held on tightly to my hips and fucked my ass.  My body rocked as I came again.  He shook and groaned as his balls emptied and his cock exploded in my ass.

It was the best holiday party I have been to…



The weather is turning cold.  The sky has turned gray.

And our lives have for a moment turned cold and gray too.  A tragedy has come and Wolf and I have spent the last few weeks in a daze.   My face is red and puffy from near continual tears.  Wolf is on edge from holding his tears back.  Our hearts ache.  We feel empty.  And it has been weeks since we have had sex.

Last night I was a bitch.  I snapped at him and argued with him over the most trivial things.  I was at my breaking point.  I knew I was acting horribly – but I just couldn’t seem to stop myself.  I decided to do us both a favor and so I went to go take a bath.

I ditched my clothes and put on a robe.  I poured a very tall glass of red and headed to the bathroom.  I first washed under the shower and then sunk down in to a too-hot bath.  My skin tingled and turned pink from the hot water. I reclined back and let the water and the wine begin to relax my muscles.  When I finally climbed out from the tub I massaged lavender-scented oil into my skin and combed some through my long hair.

It was almost an hour later when I emerged from the bathroom.  Wolf was waiting for me.

I am so sorry.  I know I was acting bitchy, and….well, I’m just really sorry.

Go upstairs, he said.  Wait for me.

I was sitting on the couch in our room when he came up about half an hour later.  He pulled the ottoman into the middle of the room and sat down.  He looked very calm as he told me to come to him.

I walked over and laid myself across his lap.

His hand landed squarely on my ass.  Slowly and steadily.  I think it was about 25 times.  I had tears in my eyes – but nothing more.  The spanks were pretty light.  It was just a warm-up.


Wolf said to get up.  I was told to go get the box and bring it to him.  When I returned he told me to go hang my robe up in the closet.  I walked back to him naked.  He was now standing.

He ordered me to get in position across the bed.  This means to bend over and lay my belly on the bed with my arms stretched up over my head – as if reaching for the headboard.  It means to spread my legs as far as I can and to let my weight fall on the bed.

He set the box down on the bed next to me and pulled out the leather paddle.  His left hand went down on the middle of my back – pinning me to the bed like an insect.  His right hand – the one holding the leather paddle – came down quickly on my ass.  I gasped loudly and he pinned me down harder to the bed.  He told me to count.  50.  I counted 50 blows to my ass and upper thighs with that fucking paddle.  I was crying.  My legs were shaking.  The blankets under my face were wet from my tears.  The blankets under my hips were wet from my pussy.

I felt the paddle drop onto the bed.  And I heard him open the box up again.


Ok baby, he said.  It’s time.  I hope you are ready.

The wood paddle was what he pulled out next.  That mother-fucker can really hurt.  I think a whimper escaped from me as he very lightly rubbed my ass with his hands.

And then – holy fuck!  He was gracing me with blows that landed all over the place.  They were coming steadily and forcefully – one right after another.  Sometimes he would land a few in the same spot before moving to the other side – sometimes they were all over.  The worst ones were at the bottom of the cheeks.  The dreaded under-butt spot that can hold the sting for days – reminding you of it every time you sit down.

I tried to take it.  I really did.  But it hurt like hell.  That paddle always hurts like hell.  But tonight it was coming after a good round with the leather paddle, a descent round with his big hands, and on an ass softened up with a hot bath and oil.  I was a crying and shaking and squirming to get out of the way.

The paddle dropped to the bed.  I thought he had changed his mind.  I thought he was going to stop.  I wasn’t expecting him to grab a fistful of my hair and yank my head back towards him.

He stretched his body on top of mine and growled into my ear.

Stop squirming around, you bitch.  You fucking lay there and you fucking take what I give you.

He released his grip from my hair and pushed my face back down into the bed. My pussy gushed.

He picked the paddle back up and quickly resumed his work.  He told me to count.  I counted to 10 and the paddle dropped to the bed.

He spanks me.  This is a way of life for us.  I am his spanked girl.  But never before has he spanked me for so long nor with such strength.  I have never experienced pain this way.  It was searing.


His fingers began squeezing my ass.  I was sobbing and I begged him to stop.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me up – bringing my knees up on the bed.  On my knees, legs spread, head and chest pressed down to the bed.  He lightly slapped my ass a few times with his hand.  It was light – but unbelievably painful all things considered.  Then he leaned in close and stuck his tongue in my pussy.  He lapped at the slit and fucked me with his tongue.  My body convulsed as I came.


Wolf grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs out from under me.  I was back in the spanking position on the bed.  He picked up the wood paddle again.

No, no, no!  Please, no!  I can’t!

He told me to count.  He spanked me hard.  Showing no mercy.  I was sobbing and barely able to speak.  He slowed his tempo – allowing me to take a breath between each blow.  I counted to 5 and the paddle dropped to the bed.

And again he pulled me up on the bed.  On my knees with my face still pressed into the wet bedding.

This time he dove his tongue into my ass.

He licked and sucked and bit at my ass.  His tongue pushed its way in.  His hand reached between my legs and his thumb clamped down on my clit.  I screamed and shook and cried as he made me come again.


I was still shuddering through my orgasm as he roughly pushed me back down into position.

Ohmygod, no!  Please, please, please!  I can’t!  Really, Wolf!  I can’t take any more! I was desperate.  Yet – despite no tethers – I remained in place for him.  My legs were shaking.  My whole body was shaking.

I think you can. That is what he said as he once again picked up that mother-fucking paddle.

Count! He yelled at me as he slammed it down on my flaming ass.  5 more.  I was given 5 more extremely hard blows before he dropped the paddle.  This time I heard it hit the wood floor.

I was one more time pulled up onto my knees.  He quickly stripped off his pants.  His left hand pushed my face further into the bed and held it there.  I couldn’t breathe.  His cock was rock hard as he slammed it into my pussy.  His right hand found my ass.  He gripped and squeezed it tight in his hand as he fucked me with as much force as he had spanked me.  He slowed and released his hand from the back of my head for a moment.  I quickly gulped down some air before he shoved it back into the bed and returned to his forceful and frenzied fucking.

At some point he stopped squeezing my ass and began spanking me again.


Hard spanks.

Hard fuck.

His cock ramming into my cervix.  My body collapsing underneath him.  Desperate for air.

I was blind with pain.  We have never gone to this spot before.  This place that is way beyond anything he has ever given me.  Way beyond anything I have ever taken.  The pain like nothing I have ever experienced.  The desire shooting out of my body felt nearly unquenchable.  Blind with pain.  Blind with lust.  Blind in my surrender to it – and to him.

Wolf suddenly withdrew from my pussy – and grunting loudly – jerked his cum all over my hot ass.


He flipped me over onto my back.  This was the first I had seen his face since I was put into the spanking position.  He held me in his gaze for a moment.  As I dropped my eyes I saw that his cock was still hard.

He grabbed my wrists and pulled me up so that I was sitting at the edge of the bed.  I tried to lean to the side to reduce some of the fresh pain that sitting had brought to my ass.  He straightened me and pushed down hard on my shoulders.  There was no doubt about who was in charge.  No thoughts about challenging this Alpha-Wolf-Man.

I took his cock into my mouth.  I massaged his balls with my fingers as he pushed himself far back into my throat.  I pulled back and ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, swirling across the head.

He ordered me to raise my hands for him.  My fingers were laced together and placed on top of my head.  He plunged his cock back into my mouth.

I did as he pleased and kept my hands on top of my head.  He grabbed two fistfuls of hair and used them to hold my head steady as he fucked my mouth.

He came hard and I swallowed him down.


He told me to keep my hands on top of my head.  He told me to sit up straight.  He told me to direct my elbows as far back as I possibly could.  My tits jutted out towards him.  I knew what was coming and my heart started racing.

He found the leather paddle.  He snapped it against the side of my tit.  Hard.  One side.  Than the other.  From the top.  From the bottom.  All over.

My cries returned.

He didn’t stop. He didn’t lighten the force.  He didn’t even slow down.  Instead he took his left hand and brought it up to the other breast.  He skillfully rolled the nipple between his thumb and index finger.

I was crying in pain.  I was moaning with desire.  When I would start to lose my posture he would spank my tits harder.

He went back and forth between the two.  Spanking and punishing one.  Delighting and teasing the other.  Back and forth.  Pain and pleasure.  Hard and soft.  Crying and moaning.  Going crazy…

I was ordered to lay back.  My tits were red and sore and my nipples ached for his attention.  He told me to spread my legs for him as far as I could.

Wolf used the leather paddle to spank the inside of my thighs.  Each slap brought more tears to my eyes.  Each slap made my pussy more wet.  Each slap brought me closer to total release.

I was sobbing again by the time he stopped.  Tears and snot ran down my face.


He spread the lips to my pussy and sucked my clit into his mouth.  He would roll his tongue across it and then let it fall out before he would suck it back up again.  Over and over.  Slowly.  Softly.

I began to uncontrollably buck my hips towards his face.  He pushed me down.  He pulled my knees up and back and held his strong arms across my legs – keeping them spread open and in place – as his hands found their way back to my nipples.

Both hands working both nipples.

Pinch.  Squeeze.  Roll.  Slap.  Roll.  Squeeze.  Pinch.

His tongue working my pussy.

Lick.  Suck.  Bite.  Lapp.  Bite.  Suck.  Lick.

The sobbing scream that escaped from me as I shook and convulsed with an orgasm came from the very depths of my body.  It brought with it all of the pain from the last few weeks.


I was finally released.

We both were.  We had both received what we needed.

He literally spanked and sucked the pain from my body.  I was released through my sobs and my screaming orgasms.

His pain was released though the blows he brought down on my ass, thighs and tits.  Through fucking and then unloading on my ass and down my throat.


I can hardly sit at work today.  My ass bears the marks that he left there.  My tits are sore and remind me of his touch every time my shirt moves across my bare nipples.  My clit hungers for his mouth, his fingers and his cock.

I wonder if my co-workers can tell what I am thinking.  I wonder if they notice how I wince as I sit down at my desk.  I wonder if they know.  I wonder what therapy Wolf has planned for me tonight.