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Fun Factory

I got home from work last night and was delighted to discover that my most recent toy purchase had arrived!  I washed it and plugged it in to charge  right away (my first rechargeable battery vibe!).

We had already planned on having a date night – so we cuddled up with a pizza and a bottle of red while we watched a movie (and the vibe ran through it’s initial 3 hour charge time). I was snuggled in front of him – my back to his belly.  Wolf had his arms wrapped around me.  Both hands were caressing and teasing my breasts and nipples through the very light and flimsy tank top I had changed in to.  He kept his touch (mostly) light – and he kept at it the entire time.  It was torture.  Really awesome torture – but still torture.  My nipples were ready for some harder play and my whole body was aching for him by the time we headed upstairs.

The night before was our first night back at it after about a two week period of forced abstinence.  It was beautiful.  It was sweet and tame.  It was nice to become reacquainted with his body.  And now I was ready for some hard play.  He was too.

Wolf threw me down on the bed.  My hands were placed on the metal bars of the headboard.  He slapped me hard across the cheek.  He pulled the sheer fabric of the tank tight across my tits and bit my nipples through the fabric.  I arched my back – trying to get my body closer to him.  Closer to his mouth.  He pushed me back down and yanked up the tank so that it went over my face and covered my eyes.  Both his hands began to slap my breasts.  Repeatedly.  My hands gripped the headboard tighter when he alternated the slaps with hard twists to my nipples.

I was groaning with that delicious combination of agony and ecstasy – and could feel the heat rising from my chest.  If I could see them – I knew my breasts would be bright pink.

My pants were pulled off and my legs were spread apart with the knees bent.  He gave my pussy a few slaps before smothering it with kisses.  His fingers rolled my nipples while his tongue probed my slit and circled my clit.  My nipples were really tender and my clit fully engorged and I came almost instantly from the mixed sensations.

Wolf yanked the tank top off and fed me a sip of water.

He straddled my face and fed his cock down my throat.  He braced himself on the headboard and fucked my mouth.  His cock was pushed in and out past my lips and over my tongue.  He slapped my cheek again, making my eyes water.  He grunted and thrust himself further into me – and I gagged on his stiff cock but still managed to swallow down all of his come.

Wolf picked up the new vibe and slid it easily in my soaked pussy.  It is curved in a way so that he can fuck me with it and I feel the vibrations all over.  Buzzing inside as it presses on the wall of my cunt, and buzzing as he rubs the outer part against my clit.  This was a very good purchase!

He rocked it in and out of my pussy with one hand, and gripped my throat with the other.  I was soaking the sheets with sweat and the river of fluid running out of my pussy.  My body shook and I screamed as I came –  gasping for air.

I released my grip from the headboard and he flipped me over on to my stomach.  He adjusted my body so that my ass was up in the air and my face was planted on the bed.   He pressed my face down in the sheets with his left hand and spanked me good and hard with his right.  House guests and then illness prevented us from having sex for a couple of weeks.  It also kept him from spanking me.  My ass was baby-tender.  I thought he would ease me back  nto it.  But that isn’t his style.  He spanked me hard.  And he didn’t stop until my whole body was shaking.

And then he gripped my cheeks and spread them apart and began eating my ass.   He picked the vibrator back up – cranked it up to top speed – and returned it to my pussy.  The sensation of his tongue in my ass, the vibrator filling up and buzzing inside my pussy,  and the pain lingering from the spanking was too much – and again I screamed and shook as I came.

My rag-doll limp body was flipped back over again so that I was facing him.

He was hard again and rammed his cock in my slit.  He told me to hold the vibrator against my clit.  He used one hand to hold on to a leg, and the other hand latched on to a nipple.

Convulsions rocked my body as I came for a third time.  He continued pounding me and squeezed my nipple even harder.  Another orgasm rolled out of my body.  He quickened the pace and the strength and fucked me even harder.  I was screaming as he exploded inside me.

We both quickly fell asleep.  I woke up during the night with the vibe under my back.  This morning before I left for work I washed it and returned it to it’s charging cradle.  He won’t be home until late tonight – and I plan on taking this wonderful new toy for a solo run.

(And maybe once he returns I will let him watch me as I do it again.)


The name game

I have struggled with my first few posts about what to call my man.  I refer to him on here as ‘my man’ and ‘my guy’.  And to me that just sounds….well, kind of dumb.   Ok, honestly, I do sometimes call him that.  But not very often.  I call him by his name.

I don’t feel comfortable using his real name here.  And I really don’t feel comfortable using a fake name.  These aren’t just stories I make up.  This is our life.  To use a different name when I write about how he eats my pussy would just feel strange.  This blog is a way for me to write about our life.  About the things we do.  About how we fuck.  This is my diary.

* * *

Sunday afternoon. . .  He was gone today and I was home alone.  I was missing him.  I went upstairs, grabbed one of my vibrators and came back down to the living room.  I peeled off my clothes and stretched myself out on the over-sized chair.  I was thinking about him as I slid the silicone slowly in and out of my cunt.  I was thinking about him as I turned on the vibrations with it deep inside of me.  I was thinking about him as I pulled it out – all slick and creamy – and pressed it on to my clit…as the other hand traced around my nipples.

I was thinking about how good he makes me feel when he fucks me.  I was thinking about all the different ways he has fucked me.

I gasped quietly as I came – thinking about my favorite…

: : :

He grabs my head and forcefully pushes it down on his cock.  His cock  his cum fill my mouth.

He pushes me down on elbows and knees with my forehead on the mattress – forcing my ass up in to the air.  He spanks me hard – and then he licks, sucks, kisses and bites my ass and pussy.  Then back to spanking me.  And then eating me.  Spanking me.  Eating me.  This goes on for what feels like forever.  I am covered in sweat.  My pussy is gushing like a river. I am delirious and aching for his cock.

He keeps me in position by pushing down on the back of my head  – then plows into my pussy from behind.  He slams his body into mine.  Fast.  Hard.  Rough.

He grabs my hair and yanks my head back.  He sinks his teeth into my neck.  Hard.  He bites me hard while he fucks me from behind.

He growls through his teeth onto my skin as he comes.

He fucks me like an animal.

He fucks me like a wolf.

* * *

He is Wolf.