He was standing in the kitchen when I wandered in.  Lift up your shirt, he told me.  I obeyed, and his hands flew across my tits.

He slapped them every which way.  He twisted my nipples.  And then stopped.  I stood there for a moment – the hem of my shirt in my hands – and then let it drop.

Hold up your shirt, he said.  Hold it up and keep it there until I tell you differently.

I quickly yanked it back up.  He told me to arch my back for him – as sharply as I could – to push my chest out.

And then I was just standing there.  Tits out.  Waiting. . .

He opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of beer.  He popped the top, and briefly pressed the cold bottle against a nipple.  But only briefly.  Then he took his beer and sat at the table.  He drank it down before returning to the galley of the kitchen where I was standing – waiting for him.

Would you like a drink?  He filled up a pint glass of water.  He brought it up to my lips.  And then he poured it down my chest.  My body was suddenly covered in goosebumps, and my nipples tightened up even harder.

Would you like some ice….?  He asked as he reached in to the freezer and returned with two ice-cubes.  He held them against my nipples.  Just held them there.  I squirmed.  I squealed.  I started to lose my grip on my shirt.

He dropped the melting ice on the floor.  He spun me around and placed my hands on the counter-top.   He reached around and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans.  They were pulled down and off.  The lacy thong I was wearing was pulled down just under the swell of my ass.   My legs were kicked apart.  He reached for the plastic pancake flipper and sailed it down on my ass.  Heat was rising from my body.

He told me to turn and face him.

Hold your shirt up.  Push your tits out to me.  And this time – keep your legs spread for me too.  Do not make me tell you this again.

I spread my legs as far as I could with the thong still around my thighs.

He opened up the drawer with the towels in it.  He pulled out two of them.  One was a large one that was tied across my head as a blindfold.  The other one was a regular sized dish towel.  He run it under the sink.  Then he snaked it up and smacked me with it.  It landed hard on my belly.  The next one landed lower – below my belly button.  Another landed on my breast.  He changed his grip and held it like he holds his belt when he uses it to spank me.

He told me to put my hands behind my back.  To lace my fingers together and to hold them as far up on my back as I could.  My tits jutted even further out.  He pulled the t-shirt tight and knotted it so that it was held tight up above my breasts.

The wet towel smacked hard against me – almost knocking me over.  Back and forth, it bit into my skin.  Tears wet the blindfold, and then slid down my cheeks.  But I didn’t drop my hands.

The towel was dropped and the flipper picked back up.  He had much more control – and aimed the blows with precision across my tits.  He slapped my nipples.  I was whimpering.  I was aching.  I was wet.

I heard him open up a cupboard.  My mind was racing trying to figure out what he could have reached for.  Honey.  It was the honey.  It slowly oozed out of the bottle and dropped onto my skin.  It crawled along the curve of my tits.  It hung on to the nipple and then slowly kept it’s course down my body.  It tickled.  It itched.  It was maddening against the flesh that was so hot and tender from the sharp blows it had just endured.  He held it high above me and tilted the bottle so that the thread of honey drew patterns across my red skin.  He poured some on his hand and plunged it between my legs.  He pushed it up in my slit.  He rolled it around and around on my clit.  More and more honey across my tits and in my cunt.

And then he stepped away.  I couldn’t tell at first if he just stepped back – but was still in the galley – or if he was back at the table.  And then I could hear his breath.  I knew he was watching me.

Suddenly a finger – dragging through the honey – tracing a nipple.  And another finger tracing opposite circles on the other.  His hand – spreading the stickiness across both breasts.  His tongue – licking it from my belly.  My body feeling overwhelmed with sensation.

And his tongue – dancing across my torso – slowly and slowly making it’s way further down until it’s very tip was licking the honey from my clit.

He was kneeling in front of me.  The thong pulled all the way down and one of my legs lifted up and draped on his shoulder.  His tongue working at sucking the honey from my pussy.  One of his hands still rubbing it in across my tits.

The (almost empty) bottle of honey back in his hands.  Squirting a mound of honey on his fingers.  Working those fingers into my ass.  His slick fingers fuck in and out of my ass.  His tongue bathing the honey from my clit.  I remain blindfolded – arms held behind me – tits sticking out.  Nipples and breasts hot from the tit-spanking and sticky from the honey.

I am moaning and whimpering and shaking.  I scream.  I come.  He gets on his feet and leans in to kiss me.  His face is wet with honey and pussy.  I savor the taste as he plunges his tongue into my mouth.

I am pushed down to my knees.  He reminds me to keep my arms behind my back as he pulls off his jeans and boxers.  He grabs the knot in the towel-blindfold and uses it to guide my head to his cock.  I lick his dick.  I suck his balls up into my mouth.  I kiss the head.  I suck it hard.  I suck it lightly.  I bob my head up and down.  He comes in my mouth – but pulls out before I can swallow him all down.  Come drips out of my mouth and down my chin.

He looks at me and tells me how much of a mess I am.  His come on my face.  Honey all over my tits and belly, running out of my cunt and smeared across my ass.  So messy, messy, messy.  I am such a dirty girl, he says.

I can release my arms for just a moment.  Just long enough for him to get me in place.   He tells me that I am too messy to walk to the bathroom, so we are going to clean up right here in the kitchen.   He lifts me up and sets me on the counter-top.  The granite is cold on my ass.

He turns me around so that I have my back to him – and I am facing the sink.  He tells me to put one leg on either side of the basin.  And then I am told to return my arms behind my back.  He stands directly behind me and I lean back against him for support.

He reaches a hand around and slides it across my pussy.  He gives it a hard slap.  And another.  He slowly rolls my clit between his thumb and finger.   I am panting.

And then he turns on the sink.  He adjusts the water to get it at just the right degree of warmth.  He splashes some up across my chest.  He takes the towel that is laying on the counter and partially wets it.  He uses it to roughly wash the honey from my tits.  Scrubbing hard.  Telling me that he has to scrub even harder to clean up my mess.  My nipples throb under the towel, under his rough touch.  He drops the towel and glides his fingers over the bare skin.

Now – he says – we need to get that pretty pussy clean.

He pulls up the side sprayer attachment to the faucet.  The hose stretches out so that the nozzle is close to my body.

He pulls the trigger and water shoots from the nozzle and blasts against my clit.  He keeps it there – and uses his other hand to change the temperature to very cold back to warm.  A few short bursts of hot.  When he sees my legs start to shake he releases the trigger and the stream of water stops.  He pulls my pussy lips apart and pushes down on my clit.  He finger-fucks my cunt.  And then – sucking on his finger – declares that it still tastes of honey, so I need more cleaning.

The sprayer is returned to my clit.  He pulses it off and on.  He plays with the distance – sometimes having the nozzle almost pressed into my pussy, and other times pulling it way back so that the water is arching through the air before it lands on my pussy.  He tilts it further up and sprays the water in my face.  And then back directly on my clit…

I press my body back against him and scream again as I come.  He holds it there – not giving me any relief – and another orgasm tears through my body.

He releases the nozzle – but keeps the water running.

Good job, baby-girl.  He whispers in my ear and kisses my neck.  You’re getting all nice and cleaned up.  But we still need to get to that sticky round ass.  You can take your arms from behind your back.  I want you to grab on to your ankles.  I need you to hold your legs back…

He helped me get into the position he had in mind.  I held on to my ankles.  My legs were spread further apart – and my arms – and legs – pulled back.  He leaned me back against him – and then took a step back from the sink.  The result was me – spread wide open – with ass and pussy centered over the basin.  The water running from the faucet fell directly on my clit.  He held the sprayer up to my ass.

When he pulled the trigger, a stream of water shot against my ass.  When he released the trigger, the water diverted back to the faucet and ran over my pussy.  Back and forth.  Ass and clit sprayed with water.

He dropped the nozzle and pushed a finger into my ass.

I need to try to feel around and see if there is any honey left in here, he said, as he twisted his finger around.  Because he wasn’t pulling the trigger on the nozzle, the water was rushing over my clit.  His finger twisted around and around – he slid it in and out.   I pulled my legs back and open further – and then screamed and shook as I came again.

Well, he said.  It looks like we finally got you all cleaned up.

He scooped me up and helped me get down from the counter.  He removed the blindfold.

But do you see that there is still honey all over the kitchen floor?  You should get that cleaned up before it dries any more.  And this puddle of water.  Get on your hands and knees and clean up the rest of your mess.

He stood behind me as I scrubbed the sticky mess from the floor.  He ordered me to keep my back arched – ass sticking out.  The plastic pancake flipper was back in his hand and he spanked me as I scrubbed.  I made sure to take my time and do a very thorough job.  I wiggled my ass at him.  When I was done I slunk up to him on my hands and knees and lowered myself down to kiss his feet.

And then I got up – and with nothing on but the wet t-shirt tied up above my tits – got him another beer and started to make us dinner.