The day before our house guests left Wolf got sick. And then I got sick. It is now over two weeks later and we are just finally starting to feel better.

A couple of these nights we have slept in different rooms – to avoid waking each other up with coughing/sneezing/sniffling. It has sucked.  But we figured it was necessary for us to get sound sleep and feel better.  We are both back in our bed – but neither one of us are feeling 100% yet. So last night I pulled on an old t-shirt and a pair of pj pants and crawled in to bed. I was almost asleep when I felt the bed creak under his weight.

I mumbled a ‘g’night’ and dropped my head back down on the pillow – nestling further underneath a pile of blankets.

I don’t know how much later it was when I woke up to the feeling of his warm breath on my neck.  His teeth sunk into the flesh just a second before his fingers found their way underneath my t-shirt and onto a nipple.  Suddenly I was wide awake.

He rolled me onto my back and pulled the t-shirt up over my tits.  His mouth latched on one, his fingers toying with the other.  Then hands on them both and his mouth pressed down hard against my own.  Kissing me hard and deep and rolling my nipples between his fingers.  I tried to turn my head – to break his kiss and get some air.  A hand quickly reached up and slapped my cheek.  And then his mouth was on mine again.

I reached a hand down and wrapped my fingers around his engorged cock.  I stroked him while he continued playing with my nipples.  The pressure from his fingers steadily increased.  My nipples were pinched hard.  Pulled and twisted.  Flicked.  Slapped.

His mouth found it’s way back to one of my tits and his tongue made circles across it.  His teeth clamped down onto my nipple.  He bit into the side of my breast.

His free hand was sliding down my belly.  He pulled the pants down to my knees.  His finger skirted around my pussy.  They found their way – slowly- to my clit.  They lightly pressed down on it.  I lifted my hips up – trying to get closer to him.  In one move he removed his one hand from my pussy and the other from my breast and planted them on my hips.  He rolled over, pulling me on top of him.

I used my teeth to lift up his t-shirt.  My tongue snaked it’s way down his belly.  I lowered myself down further – and over his boxers – pulled his cock into my mouth.  He grew larger.  I pulled the boxers off and washed his dick with my tongue.  I sucked his balls up into my mouth and swirled my tongue over them.  His hands pinching and pulling my nipples while I sucked down his cock.

And then I was back on my back.  My pants pulled all the way off.  My legs spread.  Fingers dipped into my mouth.  Rolling my nipples.  Sliding down my belly.  Pausing momentarily at my pussy.  And then slapping the insides of my thighs.

Fingers slowly pulling my lips apart.  Pinching the clit.  Dipping inside and coming out all wet.  Rubbing my clit with his thumb and sinking his fingers inside me.

Me – wet and hot and wanting more.

Him – in control of it all.

He slowed down when he could tell I was close to coming.  And then he would speed up.  Faster. Slower. Faster. Harder. Slower. Lightly. Faster.  He kept me right at the brink of explosion.

And then he moved down between my legs.  And spreading them even further apart – he started lapping up the juices that had been soaking my legs and his fingers.

My body started shaking when he sucked my clit up into his mouth.  He sucked harder – and held onto my legs as I screamed and came.

My legs were pulled up over his shoulders and he crushed me underneath his body.  Fast and furious and hard and strong he plunged his cock in and out of me.  My nails scratching up his back.   And just as quickly as he had sucked the orgasm from me, he was emptying his balls inside my pussy.

And then we both slept.

It’s nice being back in the same bed.  It’s nice being able to scream and moan as he make me come.   Things are returning to normal – finally!