A friend of ours came over the other night.   We all hung out and chatted for awhile.  It wasn’t that late – but I was tired and had to get up extra early in the morning.  I kissed our friend on the cheek and headed up to bed.

The layout of our house is very open.  Our bedroom is upstairs – but there is no door.  The house is old and the wood floors are pretty squeaky.  If you are sitting in the living room you can hear almost any noise coming from the bedroom.

Upstairs I take off all my clothes except my panties.  I slip on one of my guy’s t-shirts and I crawl into bed.

I hear the guys talking downstairs.  And then I hear my man tell his friend he will be right back – he forgot to tell me something and has to run up to the bedroom for a quick minute.  Go ahead and grab another beer and I will be right back. I listen to the floors creak as he climbs up the stairs.

As soon as he gets over to the bed he grabs my hair and pulls my head back.  He licks my lips and then plunges his tongue down my throat.

I moan – and he tells me I need to be quiet.

The t-shirt is pulled up and my tits and belly exposed.  He flicks his tongue across my already erect nipples.  He kneads and squeezes my tits.

I arch my back and moan.  The bed creaks and he reminds me to be quiet.

He grabs the vibrator that I had laying next to me  and turns it on.  He quickly tugs my panties over to one side exposing my pussy and he presses the tip of it up against my swollen clit.  I am really trying to be quiet – but I gasp loudly when the vibrations hit me.

He slaps one of his large hands over my mouth as a gag and dials up the frequency on the vibrator. He holds it tighter and closer to my clit.  And holds it there . . . I can feel the vibrations pulse throughout my whole body – starting from my clit and exploding out everywhere.

The bed creaks as my body rocks from the orgasm.

But his tight grip across my face keeps me from making any sound. I am breathing heavy as he turns off the vibrator and pulls my panties back over my wet pussy. He tugs the t-shirt back down and gives me a kiss.

And the stairs creak under his weight as he heads back downstairs to hang out with his friend.