We walk in the house from a night out over with some friends.  I’ve had a lot to drink.  He was the driver and so is totally sober.  Our friends live about 40 minutes away.  The whole way home I was slowly and lightly toying with his cock.  It started out with my hand just resting on his leg.  Then rubbing his thigh.  Then moving in on his stiffening cock. . .

I just make it in the door when I get a big swat on the ass.  Ouch!  He takes me by the hand and leads me to the dining room.  He sits on the chair and forces me down across his lap.  He lands four or five hard smacks on my ass.  No warm up.  No starting off slow.  Just – bam! – hard smacks right away.

Good girl, he says to me when the spanking stopped.

I smile, and start to stand up.

He grabs my wrist and yanks me back down.  Hard.

Where do you think you are going?

I stammer.   Umm….

Did I tell you it was ok for you to get up?

I stammer some more.  Um….no.

He stands me back up and unzips my jeans.  They – along with my panties – get pulled down to my knees.  And I am sent back down over his knee.

He raises his hand up and sends it flying down on my ass.  I squirm and try to move out of the way.  He adjusts his knees making it more difficult for me to move. He slowly and lightly rubs the now-reddening spot.  He leans over and gently blows on it – cooling it down.  And then lands another spank.  And another.  With my pants around my knees I can’t maneuver out of the reaches of his hands.  And when I try to use a hand to cover myself up he grabs my arm and holds it behind me.   Those big hands.  Damn.  I am completely at his mercy.  He quickens the pace and spanks me several more times.  My ass is on fire.

And then just as quickly as he started, he stops and stands me up.

He straightens my hair and pulls up my panties.

He pulls the jeans off.  He wants to see my red ass.  He likes to admire his handiwork – and the contrast of my red skin against the black lace thong that I am wearing.

He tells me to stand before him and tell him again that I am sorry.  Tell him that next time I will wait until he says it is okay to get up.

I do.  He holds my face in his hands and kisses me.  Then he pushes me down to my knees and brings my head to his lap.  I know what he wants – I can see the bulge through his jeans.  I unbuckle his belt.  Then I undo the button and pull down the zipper.  I reach in and release his cock from his boxers.  I gently lick the head before sucking it up into my  mouth.  I lick and suck his cock and his balls.  I rub across my lips and face.  I suck it deep.   He reaches down and tugs on my nipples.  He pinches them and pulls on them in rhythm with me gulping down his cock.  Occasionally one hand will break away and slap a tit before going back to this continued nipple torture.  His breathing changes and his legs become rigid and I know he is getting  ready to burst.  I tighten the seal around his cock with my lips and swirl my tongue across the head as I slide his shaft in and out of my mouth.  He hooks his fingers into my hair at the back of my head and forcefully pulls my head down tight against him.  His cock pushes down my throat and I swallow up his cum.

Without saying a word he gets up from the table and heads into the kitchen.  He opens up the utensil drawer and pulls out a wooden rice paddle.  Oh!  Still not saying anything – he comes back to the table and stands in front of me.  He gives me the look.  I stand up and lean myself over the table.  I know by now what that look means.  He stands behind me and lightly starts tapping my ass and thighs with the wooden spoon.

Tap.  Rub.  Tap.  Rub.  Tap. Tap. Tap.  The frequency and intensity increase.  Soon he isn’t holding back and is spanking me hard.  Really hard.  He kicks my feet further apart and again holds the arm that I am trying to protect myself with behind my back.  Just when I am thinking that it will never end he drops the rice paddle.  I can’t move.

He ducks back into the kitchen and returns with a jar of coconut oil.  I am still standing bent over the table with my legs spread apart.  It feels cool as he rubs the oil into my skin – but it very quickly becomes warm from the heat radiating off my ass.  His big hands are working it into the flesh. The oil on the burning skin feels good.  His large hands roughly working it in continues the pain.

He twists me around so I am facing him.  He tugs off my t-shirt and yanks off my panties.  He lifts me up on the table and lays me back.  He bends my knees and plants my feet on the table.  He spreads my legs further apart.  My cunt is fully exposed.  He picks the paddle back up.  He slaps my pussy with the paddle.  Again.  Again.  Seven times.  The spankings were enough to get me dripping.  Sucking his cock always makes me wet.  After this I was drenched.  I could feel my juices slipping out of my cunt and running down my ass.

He sits down on the chair and slides it up to the table.  My cunt is in his face.  He lands his lips directly on my clit and starts licking and sucking.  It is gentle and slow and the exact opposite of the pain he just finished unleashing.  He is sucking lightly on my clit – but he continues to twist and pinch my now aching nipples.  My burning ass is hot and tender on the wooden table.  My cunt is on fire from the spanking and from the desire he is sucking out of it.  I am wracked with that delicious combination of pain and pleasure.  I am sweating and screaming as I cum into his mouth.

I think that we are done.  But he isn’t.  He is completely sober and wide awake and ready to make the most of my drunken willingness.  I’m always willing, really.  I will try anything and have never turned him down.  But the sex is still different with this dynamic.  He can be more aggressive – take me harder and spank me longer this way.  He is taking advantage of the situation.

He bends down and picks up the jar of coconut oil again.  He scoops some out and rubs his hands together to liquefy it.  Then he pushes my legs back and further apart – exposing my ass.  He rubs oil onto my asshole.  He adds more and rubs it in.  Then he slides in a finger – and quickly another.  He is fucking me with those thick fingers.  He continues to finger-fuck my ass and he bends down and returns to sucking my pussy.  I can hardly breathe.

He is nibbling on my clit with his teeth and using the hand that isn’t working my ass he unbuttons his pants.  He grabs more oil and slathers it on his cock.  He removes the fingers from my ass and plunges his cock in their place.


He braces himself by holding on to my tits as he plows his cock in and out of my ass.  He  pounds and pounds and pounds into me.  He isn’t holding back.  He has me stretched out from his fingers so he doesn’t need to start slow.  He sinks himself all the way into my ass.  Quickly.  Roughly.  In and out and in and out.  It  feels like I can’t take anymore.  His strength is overpowering.  His hands too strong.  His cock to wide. The table too hard under my sore ass.  I surrender my body to him and turn to complete jelly in my man’s skillful hands.  Those strong hands that are pinching and squeezing my tits.  Using them to keep pulling me closer to him as he fucks and fucks and fucks me.

I scream and shake as I come again.  And he emptys his balls into my ass.

He rests there for a minute before untangling himself from between my legs.  His cum drips out of my ass as his cock softens and he pulls himself free.  He gives me a kiss and wipes the tears from my eyes.  He gives a nipple a little suck and tweaks the other.  He lifts me off of the table and tells me that I belong to him.  Completely to him.

And he says he needs to take a shower to clean the pussy juice that I have left all over him.

He takes me in with him.

I wash his body first with soap and water.  And then with my tongue.  I am on my knees – on the floor of the shower – licking my man clean.  His cock rises again.

He stands me up and spins me around.  He slams me up against the shower wall and takes me again.

His cum runs out of my pussy and down my leg and is washed down the drain with the hot water.

We step out of the shower and begin toweling off.  He tells me to bend over – to put my hands on the edge of the tub.  He unleashes another round of spanking on my wet ass.  The sound of his hands slapping my ass fills the small room.  He takes his time.  He is in no rush.  My arms and legs are shaking as I try to stay in position.  I know he sees my desire begin to trickle down my leg.  He continues spanking me until he decides it is time to stop.

He tells me that I can stand up.  That it is time to head upstairs.

We crawl in to bed.

His head dives down between my legs.  My legs rest on his back and shoulders – I have no strength left to hold them up myself.  He sucks another orgasm from me.

We fall asleep.  Exhausted.  Limbs all tangled together.